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Construction Log

Construction Log
This is just a general summery of the work I have perfromed since I bought the aircraft.
Work was started in August 2005. This is by no means a complete log of everything that I have done.

Engine & Prop

Removed and cleaned carburetor and float bowl. Checked float/needle valve position. Installed new gaskets, seals, o-rings and cable boots for throttle and choke. Drilled hole in air filter and carb per Rotax modification update. Installed safety wire to prevent air filter from coming off of carb during flight due to vibration.

Removed and disassembled gearbox. Cleaned and inspected case and gears. Reassembled, reinstalled and serviced with new gearoil.

Dressed prop blades removing several nicks in leading edges. Installed prop and test ran engine with original pitch blocks, engine rpms were to high. Tried two more sets of pitch blocks and determined that 17 degrees would allow the engine to reach maximum static rpm. The final pitch block setting also brought EGT within proper range at all rpm's.

Had trouble starting engine when cold. Determined that after shutdown residual oil would drain into the spark plugs due to the inverted position of the engine. Plugs need to be removed and cleaned after the engine has sat for more than a few hours. Engine now starts easily every time as long as the plugs are clean.

Engine has been refitted in the vertical postion. Foam engine cowl plug has been facricated and is waiting to be glassed. Relocated/mounted fuel pump to firewall.


Constructed cockpit floor and attached rudder and brake pedals. Installed rudder cables. Installed fiberglass seat. Fabricated and installed battery shelf on left side of cockpit. Decided to install cable casings for the rudder cables and build new rudder pedals with toe brakes. Work still in progress.

Fuselage is now completely covered with Polyfiber fabric and has all coats of Poly-Brush, Poly-Spray and Poly-Tone applied. Constructed foam headrest plug. Waiting to be glassed.


Repaired broken trailing edge in rudder. All empenage components are completely covered with fabric and have all coats of Poly-Brush, Poly-Spray and Poly-Tone applied. The elevator has been cut for a trim tab (not in the original plans). The trim tab is fabricated and ready to install. Trim tab control cable needs to be installed. Empenage rigging cables are installed and tensioned. Empenage surfaces are squared and true within 0.2 degrees.

Rudder and elevator has been installed with temporary hinge bolts to test the fit.


There was damage on the right wing leading edge near the outboard tip of the wing. Replaced the damaged leading edge skin and repaired broken stringers. Aileron controls, including the becrank, have been installed.

Foam wingtip plugs have been fabricated and waiting to be glassed.

Landing Gear

Cleaned and painted all LG parts as required. Assembled brakes, installed new wheel bearing on left wheel, assembled wheels and brakes and fit to fuselage. Installed new brake cables and cable casings. Covered and painted landing gear with fabric and Poly Fabric coatings.

Installed a new tail wheel tire. Cleaned and painted tailwheel yoke. Installed tailwheel assembly and installed damper springs to steering control cables.


Fabricated new instument panel and installed instruments, switches, fuses and power outlets as needed. Installed instrument panel and connected electrical wiring as required.

Electrical System

Routed, installed and secured engine compartment electrical system as required. Installed battery, terminal block connection points and electrical harness in cockpit. Routed engine monitoring sensor leads and connected to instruments.

Relocated electrical components on the firewall after changing the engine's position.




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