My Sweetie


2008 Mustang GT
Phil & Colleen's new baby!




This Mustang is a "Premium" model, the next step up is the Shelby. We actually like this model a lot better than the Shelby. First, its a lot cheaper! But more than anything, its because the interior is a lot nicer. It has more silver and chrome accents, mostly on the dash and steering wheel, and it still has the rear spoiler which is removed on the Shelbys. Plus we got to stripe it the way we wanted it to make it unique! The performance and handling are outstanding and its actually doing a lot better on fuel than we expected.
Talk about a dream come true for both of us!
These are just a few pictures we took after we got the custom stripes (courtesy of Coffcraft Custom Gaphix) and wheel spinners put on. We still want to add a nice exhaust system, get the windows tinted and put in a naviogation system. We are definitely pleased with it and have been getting tons of looks and fingers pointing at us. We'll post more pictures soon.


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