Several years ago I built a hovercraft from a set of plans by Sevtec in Washington state. It started out as the "Vanguard" model but evolved with many of my own modifications into a craft I called the "Discoverer". The plans called for a single 18HP aircooled vertical shaft engine and in my final version I had installed a GEO Metro, 3 cylinder, water cooled automotive engine. I redisigned the drive system for a horizontal shaft output from the engine and used a custom prop made by a friend of mine. Its performance was outstanding, exceeding the manufacturer's spec's for the Vanguard or their next level model, the "Surveyor".

A couple years ago I sold it to a friend in Missouri, he had it a year or so and sold it to someone in Washington state. I thought it was kind of interesting that my craft, originally built in Florida, made it all the way across the Untited States. It being built about as far from the designer as possible and then ending up in his backyard.

Someday I would like to build another craft. With all the knowledge I acquired about these craft and how they work I would like to try my hand at designing one with all the features I now know I want. It will be awhile before that happens but meanwhile I will watch and see what new ideas come along.

If you are interested in these craft and don't want to build your own, I highly recommend you check out a website of a good friend of mine that has started a business building them. He builds a superb craft and I have personally "flown" in several of them. He has done a lot of research and testing and has several craft now being used by rescue services around the country. You can see his craft at www.coffcraft.com

Thanks for visiting my site and one of these days I'll get some of the pictures back
up of my old craft and how it was constructed.

This site is always under construction. Keep checking back for new additions.

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