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Windrock Trails at Coal Creek OHV area, Oliver Springs, TN 01/14/2007






I started out by riding to the windmills. It was a nice easy ride to start out the day.

After the windmills I road T22 from the parking area. It had one bad drop into a hole a short ways in but I got down it no problem. The rest of the trail was a lot of fun. Here's a few pictures of one of the creek crossings on the trail.






After T22 I went and found T3. This is the juction with T5. T3 was marked on the back of this abandoned dozer. The trail was very easy as it passed alongside a lot of, what I assume to be, gas wells. After passing all the wells the trail started to get narrower and a little more moderate.






I think this is an old coal car alongside T3.

This part of the trail went along a short section of a creekbed. A little further up was this creek crossing.

Here's a small cave alongside T3.

This is a short deadend trail off T3. It was a fun section and not as bad as it looks.






Almost at the end of T3 is this climb. I tried it only after watching several others go up first. There were a lot of large rocks near the bottom to manuever around then this narrow wash that was just wide enough to get through. At the top there was a sharp climb getting out of the wash. I almost didn't do this climb because it was more than I've ever attempted before. These pictures don't really do justice to the difficulty of this section. It is a lot steeper than it looks. Thanks go out to those that went first and showed me the way!

There was one more steep section just before leaving T3. It wasn't as bad as the climb through the wash but when I got onto the gravel road and looked back I saw this sign. I was really surprised to see the difficult rating becaue the trail was marked Moderate on the map. But I did feel good that I had done it and made it without any problems. It was the most difficult section of trail I have attempted so far, a few more sections like these and I'll feel better about my abilities.                 


On the way back to the parking area I stopped here and played in the mud for awhile. I went through the pit in the picture and was actually floating at the far end. This guy tried crossing the end cross ways, nosed over and got dumped in the mud. After hauling his bike out everyone dared him to jump in. He did a wonderful belly flop right in the middle and got a lot of cheers and claps for his performance.

This was a great ride and I'll definitely be going back again soon to check out more of the Coal Creek trails.

At the top of T3 I saw these vehicles that had gone up just before me. Its hard to believe they actually made it up that trail.

Windrock Trails at Coal Creek OHV area, Oliver Springs, TN 01/20/2007

I went and helped the Windrock ATV Club do some trail maintenance. I had a good time, met a lot of nice people and got to ride a few trails after we were done working for the day. Windrock is definitely a place to put on your must ride list.




WR Mud Pit Vid

A short clip of me going through one of Windrocks original mud pits built for their jamborees.

We had some freezing rain the other day and its been a little cold since then. Here's the cave on T3 and looking back down T3 from the cave. There was lots of ice hanging from the rocks along all the trails up near the top.

I know this is a video but I had to put it here with the few pictures I took today.

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