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I have finally tried creating video slideshows of most of these pictures. It took me awhile to get the hang of it. So far I have Part I (completed) and Part II (still under developement). The files are in WMV format and can be fairly large. If you do not have fast internet connection the files may take quite some time to download. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the pictures.
Photo Slideshows
PART I                                             PART II
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Rock face along trail in Royal Blue WMA Eastern, TN

View from trail in Royal Blue WMA Eastern, TN

Wet spot in trail in Royal Blue WMA Eastern, TN

Another view of that wet spot showing where most riders go around.

Time for a break along a public trail in Eastern, TN






Nice trail through the woods in Eastern, TN

I'm checking out the easy side of the mudhole.

No problems so far.

Nope, no problem making it through this side.

Lets go the other way on the bad side of the hole.






I think I'm getting stuck! (Notice the left front wheel isn't spinning.)

How am I going to get this cable around that tree without getting my boots muddy?

Come on, I guess I'll have to jump.

Almost out! (I found out later the left front wheel hub wasn't locking in.)

There we go. I knew I could do it.






Same day, different hole, stuck again. Gotta fix that wheel when I get home.


Another creekside shot. The trail crosses where I'm standing.

Another shot of the creek looking the other way at the crossing.







It doesn't look to bad does it? I had to winch out of this one, it was soupy with no bottom or edges to bite into. Glad I had that winch!

One of the many ponds along the trails I ride. The colors are just starting to show. I want to come back here when fall hits. Its going to be beautiful!





Late October in Tennessee (2006).






More fall colors and some pictures of the trails in Tennessee. Oct 2006

I knocked the right tire off the bead on some rocks. I used these rocks to balance on so I could get the bead to set when I reinflated the tire.







My first ride down a trail in the snow. It was different riding on snow covered leaves. 11/20/2006

At the lake. Not much snow down here. There's a little more than an inch at the top of the ridge at my house. The ride back up was fun after I got used to the slippery leaves. Check my "ATV Vids" page, I made a short clip coming down the trail.

Guess who???

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